PERLA THE LABEL; we are an Australian label with the mission to deliver stylish, affordable and quality clothing. We want our collections, that have been designed in Australia, to be accessible to everyone all around the globe.

Be confident that every order placed with us is hand packaged in Australia with love by women who also believe in our mission.  

Origin of the name Perla:

Perla which is of Italian and Spanish origin means pearl. The inspiration behind the name Perla originated from our love of pearls. Pearls are not only one of the rarest, classiest and most beautiful gemstones, they are also unique in the sense that they don’t arise from the depths of the earth but rather from sea. Pearls are born perfect they don’t need cutting or polishing to bring out their inner beauty. Just like you!

Who’s Perla?

Perla is you!  Born absolutely perfect, bold, strong and inspiring. Perla is the future of females. When Perla enters a room, her beautiful and strong energy radiates throughout the whole room.

Perla is a trendsetter!

Perla is you!